Marjolaine Mispelaere, Senior Colourist

Marjolaine Mispelaere is a skilled senior colourist who began her career at Laboratoires Éclair and trained under renowned colorists such as Bruno Patin and Yvan Lucas. She became a colour timer in 2001 and transitioned to a colourist role in 2005, embracing the digital revolution, yet she remains connected to her roots and continues to utilise the traditional argentic method.

Marjolaine is not only technically proficient but also deeply attuned to the emotional impact of colours and their ability to convey meaning. Every project she undertakes is approached with a sense of individuality and meticulousness. Prior to the colour grading process, she reads the script, engages in creative discussions with the production team, and supervises the rushes. These preparatory steps allow her to anticipate the desired look and feel of the film, ensuring that she can refine and enhance it during the DI.


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