‘It’s time colourists were brought into the limelight’

Article written by Jenny Priestley in July 2022

” TVBEurope hears from some of the judges at this year’s FilmLight Colour Awards, which celebrate the work of colourists on TV and film productions

FilmLight is once again celebrating the work of colourists on TV and film productions with its annual Filmlight Colour Awards.

The awards recognise the work of colourists using any technology platform while working across theatrical feature, TV series/episodic, commercial, music video and spotlight.

Submissions close on 31st July with the winners set to be announced during Camerimage in November.

This year, FilmLight has assembled a who’s-who of judges, including Oscar-winning cinematographer Ari Wegner, The Irishman colourist Yvan Lucas, and Emmy-winning cinematographer Sherri Kauk.

“Final colour is an artistic process that begins in the previsualisation phase,” Kauk tells TVBEurope. “When I experience movies, TV and commercials with a point of view in colour as much as in story, framing, editing, my experience with that piece of work becomes immersive. Honouring these choices that immerse the viewer that journey them through an intentioned experience is why I am honoured to be part of FilmLight’s Colour Awards.”

“The whole process of colour correction is extremely challenging and creative,” agrees fellow judge, cinematographer K K Senthil Kumar. “Colourists give their magical touch to enhance the visual expression of the director of photography.

“It’s high time they are brought out into the limelight from the darkrooms,” he adds. “FilmLight is doing a splendid job by recognising and celebrating this amazing talent

Maxine Gervais, senior supervising colourist, Picture Shop, and another of this year’s judges, says she’s looking for colour balance, innovative looks and technical accuracy from the submissions. “I hope to be ‘wowed’,” she adds.

Kumar cites the growth in imaging technology and an increasing number of tools as driving the colour grading process to become more creative and challenging.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how talented colourists are using this amazing technology to give some visually stimulating work.”

Asked what piece of advice she would give to a colourist starting out in the industry, Kauk says they should build a ‘board and tribe’ of mentors, peers, and rising colleagues. “Study the masters,” she states, “practice your craft, and get feedback.”

“Be good at balancing first and foremost,” adds Gervais. “There is no gain in reproducing looks or creating cool images if you can’t get them to match shot to shot. Less is more when learning. It’s very easy to break a grade and that will not survive time.”

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