Isabelle Barrière, Colourist CSI

Colourist, CSI

After studying Cinema & Fine Arts at the Sorbonne in Paris, Isabelle Barrière has worked for over 17 years in audiovisual production and post-production both in France and worldwide: firstly as a freelance camerawoman, then as a video journalist and director. The majority of this work was for cultural and artistic productions, in particular with Image Auditive, a French multimedia studio specialising in the creation of live shows connecting contemporary music and images.

In 2011, Barrière decided to focus on colour grading. She opened her own facility in Paris in 2012, and has since worked as a digital colourist for TV, cinema and web on documentaries, fiction, music videos and commercials. Her background and interest in new technologies make her a passionate interface between DPs and directors, which is why she is often involved in projects right from the pre-production phase. In parallel, Isabelle has also been teaching colour grading in French film & TV schools. Since 2020, she has supervised the Digital Restoration Department of Cité de Mémoire, grading LTC Laboratory movies – 35 and 16 mm camera negatives from 1950 to 2011 – with full respect of both the ethics and technical aspects of the history of film.

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